Founded in 2008, Il Collettivo Spettatori is an international theatre collective based in Switzerland with the common will to research and experiment on an internationally understandable theatre-language with no artistic limits. Coming from France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, the artists met at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, a movement theatre school in Tessin (Switzerland). The diversity of their cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds shapes the soul of the group whose work focuses on the interaction between theatre and music, together with dance and movement, pantomime, singing and clownery.

The members work together approximately six months a year allowing them to be involved in other productions or additional trainings. The new artistic inputs gathered from their parallel experiences are shared within the group and contribute to the development of a unique artistic language, polyglot and open to diverse audiences.

Since 2009, Il Collettivo Spettatori is a self-managed theatre collective. The choice of the projects and collaborators as well as the artistic leadership is commonly debated.