Il Collettivo Spettatori presents MATRIMONIO which is situated in a washing saloon somewhere in this world.

An old man wants to wash the past away, a young lady is struggling with her wedding dress, and the housekeeper has a hard time keeping this place tidy: it seems that in this white hell hope has gone and so its inhabitants are caught in a world where the limits between tragedy and comedy are blurred.


A repertory of traditional songs performed live with few instruments is combined with frenetic choreography, which contrasts drastically with the aseptic scenography of the laundry service. MATRIMONIO strikes with its powerful images and the contrasting beauty of music from another time.
After their 1st performance which travelled all around the world, the current six performers of Il Collettivo Spettatori worked again with Pavel Stourac and Andreas Strand Renberg, but also expanded their collaboration to include two experts in Italian popular music: Antonella Astolfi and Vincenzo Ciotolà.